The mission of the Exeter-West Greenwich High School Senior Project is to empower all seniors to identify an area of great personal interest, and produce physical/written products, oral presentations, and in-depth, extended project work in their area of interest. By completing a successful senior project, students will demonstrate mastery of deep content knowledge while applying and connecting knowledge in real world settings.

What is the Senior Project?

The Senior Project is a proficiency-based graduation requirement mandated by the Department of Education. The Senior Project allows students to engage in personalized experience utilizing interdisciplinary skills and knowledge while investigating an area of personal interest. The Senior Project offers broad opportunities so that all students can achieve at high standards and apply their knowledge and skills in real world situations. Senior Project allows students to demonstrate proficiency through a comprehensive exhibition which makes a meaningful connection between the skills they have acquired during their years in the Exeter-West Greenwich Regional School District and the outside world. The Senior Project has four components:

  • Research Paper - Students write a 1500-2000 word thesis-driven research paper on a topic related to a chosen field of interest. This interest, chosen by the student, could be a career or special hobby. The topic, however, must be legal, safe, and moral, and must include a clear “learning stretch” that emphasizes depth of knowledge and includes analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. The research paper topic must be connected to the product and be argumentative or persuasive. Topics must be approved by the Senior Project Review Board and parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • Product - Students choose a product in an area of interest that could be a potential career or hobby and is a demonstrable product that is related to or connected to the research paper. A demonstrable product could be a physical product, planning an event, or designing or improving a system. Although it is not required, a student can choose a mentor who is an expert in the student’s chosen field and who will assist them in their project. (The mentor cannot be a relative.) Fieldwork must include a minimum of 15 hours. The product must be legal, safe, and moral and must include a clear “learning stretch” that emphasizes depth of knowledge and includes analysis, interpretation, and evaluation.
  • Electronic Portfolio/Website - Students showcase the connection between the research paper and the product, documenting the learning stretch and providing evidence of all required components of the process.
  • Presentation - Students present a culminating oral presentation (8-10) minutes about their research paper and product to a panel of judges comprised of school and community members. Students respond to questions from the panel about their Senior Project experience.